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BC’s Climate Leadership Plan

BC is quietly consulting the public on possible updates to its long-stalled Climate Leadership Plan. The deadline for submissions is Mar 25, so hurry up and tell them to increase the carbon tax! In all likelihood, the government will keep … Continue reading

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My Endorsement for the 2015 Federal Election

This year there were a lot of interesting policies proposed in the election, including the Green’s Guaranteed Livable Income, the NDP’s $15 minimum wage, and the Liberal’s promise to review tax expenditures (seriously, I consider that important). However, I took … Continue reading

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BC Budget Consultation 2015

I just made an 11-th hour written submission to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. Each fall they consult the public on the upcoming provincial budget, and I figured I’d contribute my hastily-written list of pet peeves. … Continue reading

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The Thing About Congestion Is It Means People Are In Each Others’ Way

As you may have heard if you live here in Metro Vancouver, we are having a referendum this spring to approve a plan for fighting traffic congestion. We’ve heard for years that Vancouver has some of the worst traffic congestion … Continue reading

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Compass Beta Test Feedback

I’ve been taking part in the beta test of the new Compass smart-cards that Translink is rolling out to replace passes and tickets. These cards require you to swipe in when you board the bus and swipe out when you … Continue reading

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Towards a Distributed Olympics

Nobody loves the Olympic Games more than I do. Yet even I have to admit that actually hosting the Games can be a lot of work. Even for a world-class city like Vancouver or London, the Olympics poses real challenges. … Continue reading

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Should we heat our homes with light bulbs?

Michael Davenport recently argued in the Vancouver Sun that people with gas heaters and renewable-source electricity should use incandescent light bulbs. This would provide extra heat, reducing their gas consumption and overall greenhouse gas emissions. This is fine for a … Continue reading

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Opposing Municipal Budget Cuts

I wrote to Vancouver City Council today, and you can too, asking them to vote against the $20.3 million in cuts to libraries, community centres, fire and rescue, parks and other vital front-line services that Council conditionally approved on Dec. … Continue reading

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A Proposal For Modest Fare Increases

The Regional Transportation Commissioner, part of Translink’s labyrinthine governance structure, is seeking feedback on the proposed AddFare to the Airport and FareSaver price increases. I submitted comments as follows, and I hope everybody writes in with their own comments! (To … Continue reading

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A Toast to the Groom

This month is the fortieth anniversary of the moon landing. There has been a lot of television coverage of the moon landing these past few weeks, and it’s gotten me thinking about some of the similarities between the moon landing … Continue reading

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